Psalm 107

Give thanks to the good Lord 
Let the redeemed give witness 
Those He gathered from the enemy 
And delivered from their distress 

He led them on a straight path  
To a place where they could dwell 
Give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love 
His wonderful deeds, the satisfied tell 

Though they were disobedient  
And the Most High’s plans, disdained, 
He heard their cry in their trouble 
And broke away their chains 

They were afflicted because of their sins 
And their foolish and rebellious ways 
They despaired of life but He healed them 
And rescued them from the grave  

Let them bring offerings of thanksgiving  
And of His works, sing and rejoice  
For He guides them to shelter  
And stills the storm with His voice 

Exalt Him in the congregation  
And praise Him in the meeting place  
For He lifts the humble and needy 
The righteous see His good grace 

Let the wise take note of these things 
And ponder the loving deeds of the Lord 
Give thanks to God, for He is good 
His love endures forevermore     

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