Why "Cinderella Sang"

In 2004, I wrote the following poem, while reading John Eldredge's book, Waking the Dead. In it, he quoted Saint Irenaeus: “The glory of God is man fully alive.” I feel fully alive and get great enjoyment out of writing poetry. It also gives God glory that I enjoy and take delight in the gift that He has given me, even more so when it honours Him. My prayer is that your spirit would soar within as you know and take delight in the gift that God has given you, not only for your personal enjoyment, but for His glory, which is a joy as well. 

Cinderella Sang

Cinderella sang
Not some dust girl's dirge
Her song was oh so eloquent
Her cheerful ballad rang
Beyond the confines of her room
Bound by duty, not by gloom

She sang
Before her magic moment
Before her fantastic gown
While battling the 'uglies'
That tried to drag her down
She sang

A song of hope and freedom
A song that rivalled birds
Her spirit soared within her 
Her glory could be heard

The prince knew when he found her
In the tattered rags she wore
That she was still the lady 
That he'd danced with once before

He didn't see her poverty 
Or think that he'd unveiled a fraud
Her heart song he remembered
Shining as a precious child of God

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