Psalm 2

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain 
The rulers of the earth unite against the Lord 
And against His anointed, saying, “Let us break their chains 
And throw off their shackles” but the Lord 
Enthroned in heaven scoffs and laughs  
He rebukes them, roaring like a lion 
And terrifies them in His wrath, 
Saying, “I have installed My king on Zion, 
My holy place of elevation” 
The Lord’s decree, I will proclaim: 
He said to me, “You are my son; 
Today, your father I became 
Ask me, and I will make the nations 
Your inheritance, to rule them  
Like pottery, this possession, 
With authority, you will shatter them  
You kings and rulers of the earth 
Be wise and heed this warning  
Revere the Lord and Him only serve 
With joyful hearts and trembling  
Bring honour unto His Chosen One 
Lest He be angry with you; 
Be blessed with His protection, 
Finding shelter in Him and refuge   

Tell of the Lord's Great Love

I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever 
Through all generations,  
I will make Your faithfulness known 
I will declare Your steadfast love, 
That You established Your faithfulness  
In heaven, Your home 
The heavens praise Your wonders, Lord 
Your faithfulness, too, 
Where the holy ones assemble  
Who can compare with the Lord? 
Among the angels, can any,  
His awesomeness, resemble? 
He is greatly to be feared, 
The Lord God Almighty 
When the surging waves rise up 
You still them, Ruler of the sea 
You crush the proud 
And scatter far Your foes  
The heavens are Yours 
And the earth, also 
You founded the world  
From the south to the north  
The mountains rejoice at Your name 
O mighty and exalted Lord 
Righteousness and justice  
Are Your kingdom’s foundation   
Love and faithfulness extend from You 
Blessed are those who’ve learned  
To give You acclamation 
You are their glory and their strength  
Your righteousness, they celebrate   
And walk in the light of Your presence  
They rejoice in You all of their days  
Psalm 89:1-17

A Prophet's Calling

When false claims 
To authority were silenced, 
I saw the Lord, high and exalted  
And the glory of His divineness  
Filled up the temple  
The angels covered their eyes 
One cried, “Holy, holy, holy  
Is the Lord of hosts; 
The whole earth is full of His glory!” 
At which the doorposts  
And foundations trembled  
And the place was filled up with smoke 
I said, “Woe is me, for I am undone 
The words I have uttered  
Have made me unclean 
And I dwell in the company  
Of people like me; 
For my eyes have seen   
The LORD of hosts, the King” 
Then an angel flew  
From the altar to me  
And touched my mouth  
With a coal still burning  
Saying to me, “Behold, 
This has touched your lips; 
Your sin’s been removed, 
Your iniquity purged” 
Then the voice of the Lord,  
Spoke and I heard: 
“Whom shall I send  
And who, for Us, will go?” 
I said, “Here am I! Send me” 
And the Lord said to me, “Go, 
Tell the people, for Me: 
Keep on hearing, but don’t understand 
Keep on seeing, but do not perceive 
Make the heart of this people dull 
Their ears heavy, their eyes sealed 
Lest they see and hear  
And know with their heart  
And return and be healed                             
Isaiah 6:1-10

Psalm 2

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in  vain   The rulers of the earth unite against the Lord   And against His anointed...