Display the Work of God

Is the work of God
Displayed in your life
As you work for Him,
Walking in the light?

Do, those who are blind,
See the light of Christ?
Do they see a change in you
In how you live your life?

Do you acknowledge Jesus
In the public square,
Giving glory to God
While, His truth, you declare

Do you believe
In the Son of Man?
Do you speak with Jesus
And worship the Great I AM?

Who, from your sin and guilt
Has died to set you free
So that, in His light,
God's glory you may see
Inspired by John 9 

Make Every Effort to Enter

To those who have received,
Through the righteousness of Christ,
A precious faith and all we need
To live a loving, godly life:

Make every effort to increase
In characteristics of the Lord
Such as goodness and knowledge,
Perseverance and self-control

Then you will bring about
Deeper knowledge of Him
Who called us and cleansed us
From our former sins

This will help you steadily walk
To our Saviour's eternal kingdom
Of power, honour, glory and majesty
Where you'll receive a joyous welcome
Inspired by 2 Peter 1:1-17

A Song of the Morning

I will awaken the dawn
And rise to give You praise
Early and earnestly
I will seek Your face

Lord, hear my cry
For mercy; hear my voice
I will wait for You
You are my hope and joy

In the morning, Lord
I lay my burdens down
And wait with eagerness
In reverence, I bow down

How majestic is
Your name in all the earth
Even children know 
To praise You for Your worth

I will give You thanks
With my whole heart, I'll sing
The wonders of my God
The Lord and righteous King

For You are good to me
Your mercy's ever new
I will proclaim Your name
And put my trust in You
Inspired by several Psalms

Let Beauty Awake

The dying sun splatters violet on the horizon
As it disappears and darkness dominates
Twilight, stardust, moonglow

The rising sun paints glories in the heavens
As it arrives and sunshine births
Birdsong, feasting, wonder
Inspired by the Steve Bell song Let Beauty Awake

This Just In

We interrupt this funeral
To bring you a resurrection
Of the only son of a widow
On whom Jesus had compassion

The town of Nain was filled with awe
And praised God who appeared to them;
This special news about Jesus spread
Fasting than, any life-saving bulletin 

If this had been a real funeral
The dead would not arise
Until the Lord returns
When God's elect will fill the skies
Inspired by Luke 7:11-17

Love is the Law That Frees Us

Love is the law that frees us
To follow in God's ways,
Who does not discriminate
And loves us all the same

We're free to share His love,
To be generous and kind
To the rich and poor -
All manner of mankind

It is right to love your neighbour
No matter who they might be;
It's not our place to judge
But to demonstrate the Lord's mercy

Glory, honour and peace
Will be everyone's reward
Who does what is right
In the sight of our Judge, the Lord
Inspired by a sermon on James 2:1-13; Romans 2:9-11

Good Shepherd, Hear My Prayer

Good Shepherd, help me hear Your voice
Call my name and lead me to green pastures
So that a stranger's perilous voice
I will not, to my shame, run after

Help me find abundant life
Full of love and peace and joy;
Save me from my enemy
Who seeks to steal, kill and destroy

Thank You, that You laid Your life
Down by Your authority;
Help me do the same for You,
Knowing, You won't abandon me

Help me follow where You lead
So I can know You, Lord,
To see more of Your righteousness
And live with all in one accord
Inspired by John 10:1-38

See the Glory of God

Our loving Lord and gracious God
Came down, within the cloud,
From heaven and proclaimed
His holy name aloud:

In My presence is where
You will find true rest
You cannot see My face and live
But you'll see My mercy and goodness

I will teach you My ways
And give you My laws
I will hear your prayers
I am the Lord, your God

Compassionate and slow to anger,
Abounding in love and faithfulness,
Maintaining love to thousands,
Forgiving sin and wickedness

Yet the guilty and their children
Will reap the punishment they sow
Moses worshipped the Lord
And humbly bowed down low

The Lord said, "I am making a covenant;
You will see wonders never done before
Awesome are the works
Of the jealous God, your Lord"
Inspired by Exodus 33:12-34:14

Return to God

"Remember the devotion of your past,
How you were attentive to Me
You followed Me through paths unknown
And with passion, pursued Me

What fault did you find in Me
That you, have strayed and slid
To follow worthless idols,
Forgetting all that I did

How I delivered you
And led you through the wild
Into a land of promise
As a father would his child

You have forsaken Me,
An everlasting spring
And dug yourself a broken pit
That won't hold anything

Your wickedness will punish you
And bitterness, you'll taste
For you have no awe of Me,"
The Lord Almighty states

"Long ago you broke My heart
When you broke your bonds and said:
I will not serve You -
And lied in corruption's bed

You try and cleanse yourself
But your stain of guilt, you can't erase,"
Declares the Sovereign Lord,
"You are defiled and disgraced

You have turned your back on Me
Until you need My help
Since your idols are mute monoliths
'Come and save us, God' you yelp

In vain, I have corrected you
But you didn't respond
You have forgotten Me
And say you've done no wrong

If you return to Me,"
Declares the faithful Lord,
"I will not frown on you 
In anger anymore

Just acknowledge to Me
Your rebellion and Your guilt,
That you have disobeyed 
My good and perfect will

Return to Me, My chosen ones
And I will shepherd you
Into truth and righteousness
For I long to so bless you"
Inspired by Jeremiah 2:2-4:2

Do You See Jesus?

Are your eyes opened
To recognize Christ?
Does your heart burn
As you hear the word of life?
Do you see Jesus
In the breaking of the bread?
Do you truly believe
The Lord has risen from the dead?
Then go and tell others,
At once; do not delay
For the world is starving
For redemption to come its way
Inspired by Luke 24:30-35

Live to Please the Lord

Stand firm in your faith
And live to please the Lord
For God called us to be holy,
Loving each other more and more
So, lead a quiet life
That outsiders will respect
As all forms of impurity,
You wisely reject;
Encourage one another
And pray both day and night
That God will strengthen and prepare
Us for our coming Christ
Inspired by 1 Thessalonians 3:7-4:12

Follow Where God Leads

When you see God moving,
Follow where He leads
For in the days ahead
Amazing things you'll see

Listen to the words

Of the God who lives;
See His presence go ahead;
Clear directions He will give

The hand of the LORD

Is powerful and strong;
May you always fear
The LORD your God
Inspired by Joshua 3:1-4:24

The LORD's Love is With Us

The LORD's love is with those who fear Him
From everlasting to everlasting
And His righteousness 
With their families' offspring -
With those who, God's promises, keep
And His precepts recall, to obey
The LORD has established His throne;
Over all, His kingdom reigns
Praise the LORD, you God's angels,
Who obey His word
Praise the Lord, all His heavenly hosts
Who do His will as you serve;
All of creation, 
Everywhere, praise the LORD
All my inmost being, 
Praise the holy LORD
Psalm 103:17-22

United With Christ

'United with Christ' - think about that
The Son of God, our Saviour
Shares with us His wisdom,
The love of our Creator

His heart is full of compassion
And selflessly tender
He values us so, that His life,
Jesus humbly surrendered

Jesus obeyed His Father
And willingly went to the cross
Choosing to serve mankind -
The least and the lost

Be encouraged by this 
And comforted by the Lord's love
Have the same mindset of Christ
To the glory of our Father above
Philippians 2:1-11


In the sky, a star was manifest
That caused the wise men 
To journey on a quest
Leaving their homeland
And travel far and wide
To seek the King
Whose birth was prophesied;
They came with gifts,
These learned and sage men
To lay before the Child
In the town of Bethlehem;
Here they would find
The promised Messiah
Who was spoke of 
By the prophet Micah;
God's ruler who will come;
The magi were overjoyed
When the star stopped overhead
The house with the virgin-born boy
Who would shepherd God's people;
In the city of David,
They bowed before Christ;
Their worship they gave Him
Along with earthly treasures
Of gold and myrrh and frankincense;
This was a moment 
Of momentous significance:
The Light shining in darkness
Matthew 2:1-11

I Saw a Crocus Yesterday

A man really ought to say, 'The Resurrection happened two thousand years ago' in the same spirit in which he says, 'I saw a crocus yesterday.' C. S. Lewis

I saw a crocus yesterday
and oh,
how incredibly glorious it was
emerging through
the seemingly inescapable tomb
of cold dark ground

While all seems bleak,
its bright bloom declared to me,
to everyone that witnessed it,
this is a time
to expand your lungs
and exhale with exaltation
for the miracle in our midst

its pure white tunic stripped
beneath the crush of frozen earth
to transform into
regal bliss

Inspired by:How Do We Know post at Barnstorming

New Year's Prayer

Lord, I thank You for this 
Fresh start the new year brings
May I rise each day
With thankfulness, to sing
Of Your mercies new 
And great faithfulness
May I live to give Your glory
And may I seek to bless
Those I meet along the way
May You fill me with Your
Gracious truths to say
May I point them to You
And the cross of Christ
As I seek justice and mercy
With humble sacrifice 
May Your Spirit's power
Guide me every day 
For Your glory and Your 
Honour and Your praise 

Praise the LORD in Song

I will sing to the LORD
I will praise the LORD, 
My God, in song
Recite the victories 
Of the LORD
On the road 
You walk along
Wake up, wake up
Break out in song
Though there are battles
All around, march on, 
My soul; be strong
May all who love God,
Shine like the sun -
A beacon of light
In the heavens, strong
From Deborah's Song in Judges 5

The Saviour Proclaims God's Favour

After Jesus was tested 
For 40 days in the desert,
He taught in the synagogue 
By the power of the Spirit
Praise and news about Him spread
Throughout the countryside
One day in Nazareth, He stood to read
What Isaiah had prophesied
"The Spirit of the Lord
Is on Me to proclaim
Good news to the poor
And freedom for those in chains,
To free the oppressed 
And sight, to restore,
To proclaim the year
Of the favour of the Lord"
When Christ rolled up the scroll,
And sat down in His place,
Everyone was watching Him,
Amazed by how He spoke with grace
He said the scripture was fulfilled
In the people's hearing
And prophets get spurned in their hometowns
Then the locals started jeering 
Furious, they drove Him out of town
To the brow of a hill
But Jesus walked right through this crowd
That turned on Him 
And wanted to see Him killed
Luke 4

The Hope of Resurrection

Brothers and sisters, hold firmly
To the gospel of Christ
Who died for our sins
And on the third day rose to life

Put your hope in Christ
Each minute and each hour
For the splendour of heaven
Is full of glory and power

It's ours to inherit
Through the victory of the Lord
So, stand firm in God's work
For great is our reward
Based on 1 Corinthians 15

Display the Work of God

Is the work of God Displayed in your life As you work for Him, Walking in the light? Do, those who are blind, See the light of Christ...