Be Imitators of Christ

Christ came to serve  
In humble human skin 
He died for us 
And conquered death and sin 
And now,  
In majesty, He reigns  
His name  
Above all other names 
Oh, let us bow our knees 
And with our tongues, confess 
That Jesus Christ is Lord 
His Father, glorify and bless 
Stand firm in the Spirit of the truth 
With tender hearts and love for all  
Bring comfort and compassion  
Live up to what we have been called 
"Children of God, blameless and pure" 
Shining like stars in the dark universe  
Holding firmly to the word of life 
Faithfully serving God with sacrifice      
Philippians 1:27-2:18 

Psalm 25

In You, Lord, God 
Do I put my trust, 
Do not let those  
Who are treacherous  
Triumph over me 
May their fate be shame 
Like those who do not hope 
Or trust in Your great Name 
Guide me in Your truth, God 
And show me Your ways 
Remember Your mercy and love 
But not the many times I have strayed 
The Lord instructs sinners 
In His ways which are good and right 
He guides and teaches the humble  
He is faithful to those by His side 
He will help those who fear Him 
In the ways that they should decide 
They and their offspring will prosper 
His promises, He will confide 
I look to the Lord to release me 
To turn to me and be gracious 
For I am alone and afflicted 
Troubled in heart with anguish 
Look upon my distress 
And take away all of my sins 
Fierce is my enemy's hatred 
In a battle I, alone, cannot win  
Guard my life and deliver 
For I take refuge in You 
May righteousness protect me 
Because, Lord, my hope is in You     

Our Precious Cornerstone

Jesus is the Living Rock,
Our precious Cornerstone;
Trust in Him and declare 
His praise for all He's done

He called us out of darkness
Into His wonderful light;
By His outpoured mercy,
We have been made right

By His wounds upon the cross,
We have been made whole
As we return to the Shepherd,
The Overseer of our souls

Let others see you doing good,
Submit to authority,
Follow in the steps of Christ
And walk in purity

For your gentle and quiet spirit
Is highly valued in God's sight
And we have received 
God's gracious gift of life
1 Peter 2:-3:7

Zion's Future Glory

Sing, barren woman; 
Give birth to jubilation 
For through your offspring's seed 
Will come the longed-for consolation  

Prepare the place where you reside  
For much you will inherit  
Your descendants will flourish  
In lands once desolate  

Do not be afraid; 
You will not bear humiliation  
You will forget your shame, 
Your dishonoured situation  

For the holy Lord Almighty, 
The Maker of all mankind 
Will redeem you, 
Will call you His own bride 

For only a brief moment  
I hid My face from you 
But with everlasting kindness, 
I'll be compassionate to you 

I recalled my vow to Noah 
To not cover the earth with rain  
Now, I swear I will not  
Rebuke you in anger again  

Though the mountains be shaken 
And the hills be removed, 
My unfailing love, 
To you, will be proved  

I will comfort you in your affliction; 
I will rebuild and restore  
Your foundation will be  
A treasured setting of the Lord 

All your children will be taught 
By the Lord of peace; 
In righteousness, you will stand  
As fear and terror cease  

No weapon forged against you, 
Nor the accusing tongue  
Will destroy you, for the Lord 
You serve, has overcome       
Isaiah 54 

Be Imitators of Christ

Christ came to serve    In humble human skin   He died for us   A nd co nquered  death and sin   And now,    In majes...