Psalm 20

May the Lord reply when you are distressed 
May the name of the Lord protect you 
May He send you help and grant you support 
May your heart’s desires be given you 
May you shout for joy and lift up His voice 
For His victorious power 
May you steadfastly trust in Him 
And rise up in this dark hour 

See How the Story Ends

Sometimes we need to look ahead
To see how the story ends
When a new heaven and a new earth,
God's holy city, descends

Coming down from heaven,
Prepared as a beautiful bride,
God has declared from His throne,
"Here, with you, I will reside."

"You will be My people
And I will wipe every tears;
There will no more death, grief or pain;
The broken ways will disappear."

Our Righteous King has revealed
Everything will be made new;
We must cling to this hope
For He is Faithful and True

He will give water of life the thirsty,
God's overcoming children
Promises the Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning and the End
Revelation 21:1-7

Proverbs 3

Don’t forget what I have taught 
Keep my commands in your heart 
For they will add much to your life 
And peace God will impart 

Hold fast to love and faithfulness 
Inscribe them on your heart 
Then you will be esteemed by God; 
Trust Him with all your heart 

On your own understanding, do not rely  
Submit to God; He will correctly guide  
Honour the Lord with all that you possess  
With abundance and joy, He will surely bless 

Do not spurn God’s loving discipline  
For He rebukes those He delights in 
Rich is the one, who amasses wisdom;  
Pleasant is her peaceful kingdom  

She is a tree of life to those who gain her  
How wise must be the Lord Creator, 
Who placed the silver stars in view  
And divided waters: oceans and drops of dew 

Preserve sound judgment and discretion  
Do not let wisdom and understanding flee 
For they will be like a talisman  
You will walk secure and steadily  

When you lie down, you will not fear 
Your sleep will be free from cares 
For the Lord will be protecting you 
From unexpected snares 

Do not withhold good where it’s due 
When you have the ability  
Do not delay your giving  
When you see someone in need  

Do not plot against your neighbour   
Or accuse people without cause  
Do not envy the violent  
Or choose their path, full of flaws 

The Lord hates perversity  
But He counsels the upright  
God’s curse is on the wicked  
But He blesses the upright  

God mocks the proud and shows favour 
To the humble and oppressed 
While fools inherit only shame  
The wise are honoured are blessed     

Do You Know God?

Do you know the God who made you? 
If you desire to, you can  
For He seeks relationship  
Through the Son of God and Man; 
Christ came to earth to show us 
How to rightly live  
He died and rose again  
His righteousness to give  
To those that hear His voice  
And follow when He calls, 
Leaving behind your sin 
That stands between you like a wall 
It may be strange to think 
That our Creator can be known 
But our Father is very near; 
We are never really alone;
Do not bow down to idols 
Fashioned from gold or stone  
Rather collapse upon His mercy 
And worship at His throne  
For a time will come  
When every knee will bend 
To the Risen Son of God -
May you know Him as your Friend                       
Acts 17:16-34 

Psalm 20

May the Lord reply when you are distressed   May the name of the Lord protect you   May He send you help and grant you support   ...