Malachi's Mantra

"I have loved you," 
The Lord Almighty states 
"Though you dishonour Me, 
And show contempt for My great name" 

"I am a gracious King 
I promise life and peace 
To those who turn from their sin 
And My instruction, seek" 

"Follow My ways of justice 
And of faithfulness; 
Do not be like the wicked 
Who fearlessly oppress" 

"Return to Me, who changes not, 
And I will return to you; 
Serve Me with all I've blessed you with 
And you'll see how I treasure you"                           

Psalm 145

I will exalt You, my God and King 
Forever I will praise Your name 
Daily I will praise You 
Forever I'll extol Your name  

Great is the Lord and worthy of praise 
His greatness, no one can grasp 
Each generation commends Your deeds 
They speak of Your mighty acts, 

Of the glorious splendor of Your majesty, 
Of the power of Your awesome works 
I will declare Your great deeds 
And ponder Your wonderful works 

They celebrate Your abundant goodness 
And Your righteousness, they joyfully sing of  
The Lord is gracious and compassionate, 
Slow to anger and so rich in love  

The Lord is good to all, 
Has compassion of all He has made 
Your faithful people extol You, Lord 
And all of Your works give Your praise 

They speak of Your might  
And tell of Your glorious kingdom 
So all may know of Your mighty acts 
And the splendor of Your kingdom 

Yours is an everlasting kingdom 
For all time, Your rule endures 
The Lord is faithful in all He does 
Of His promises, You can be sure                               

The Lord upholds the weak 
And lifts up those who are burdened 
The eyes of all look to You 
And You nourish and sustain them 

You satisfy the desires of all creatures 
The Lord is righteous in all that He does 
He is near to those who call on Him 
Who call on Him, with trust 

He satisfies those who fear Him 
He hears their cries and He saves 
The Lord guards those who love Him 
I will ever speak of His praise                    

Psalm 111

Praise the Lord 
Extol the Lord with all your might 
In the council and the assembly  
Of those who are upright  

Great are the works of the God 
Ponder on them and delight  
In His glorious and majestic deeds  
Forever the Lord is right  

Our gracious and compassionate Lord 
Cause His wonders to come to mind 
He tends those who revere Him,  
Remembers His vows for all time  

He has His people His power 
His works are faithful and just 
His laws are established forever; 
They’re forever worthy of trust 

He is our Provider and our Redeemer 
Holy and awesome is His name 
Fear God and, with wisdom, follow 
For to Him belongs eternal praise                                    

Malachi's Mantra

"I have loved you,"   The Lord Almighty states   "Though you  dishonour  Me,   And show contempt for My great ...