Christ's Consecration

Simeon lived in Jerusalem

He was righteous and devout 

He was waiting for the consolation 

Of Israel to come about 


The Holy Spirit was on him 

And revealed that he would not die 

Before he had seen the Messiah 

Then Jesus, at the temple, arrived 


Simeon beheld the Christ child 

Then held Him close to his heart 

Praising God, saying, “Sovereign Lord, 

In peace, I may now depart” 


“For my eyes have seen Your salvation 

Which You've prepared in all nations' sight 

The glory of Your people Israel 

And to the world, an unveiling light” 


Joseph and Mary marveled 

At what was said of their child 

Then Simeon blessed them  

And to Mary, he prophesied: 


This child will cause people to rise and fall 

And be a sign often opposed  

So that the thoughts of many hearts 

Will, in His light, be exposed 


And a sword will pierce your own soul, too 

As a thorn is an element of the rose       


Luke 2:25-35 

God Had No Reservations


God’s Son was born in a stable 

He had no reservations 

To send Jesus, Emmanuel 

God’s in-the-flesh incarnation 


The stable was smelly and dusty 

God had no reservations 

To enter the finite world 

And walk with His creation 


At the inn, there was no room 

God had no reservations 

To show there is room in His kingdom 

For those needing restoration 


God had no reservations,  

But do you and I? 

To welcome Him, as Saviour  

But His reign and kingship deny 


God had no reservations  

To prove His love to us 

Upon the splintered cross  

The spotless lamb, Jesus                             


Christ died, defeated sin 

And paid for our salvation  

But He couldn’t stay in the tomb 

God had no reservations      



I will show you something 
I don’t care if the world can see 
Here I am on bended knee, praying 
That you and your race will know 
Your place, your place below, 
Yes, even six feet deep 

This is torture,  
Touching you, 
Listening to your whining, nigger 
I guess I should have  Done like the others, 
Like all the others  
And just pulled the trigger  

Triggered by the horror  
On the TV screen  
Blacks and white unite  
Slowly, very slowly,  
Whites are learning 
Some of the countless troubles  
Blacks have, too long, seen  

A father fears to walk his pet alone 
A patrol car might dog his avenue 
A husband fueling his wife’s car 
Those car seats in the back?  
Why should they belong to you? 

A man watching uncaged birds  
In the sunlit park  
Gets screamed at and threatened  
Well, his skin was dark 

A child walking home with candy 
A man reading a book, 
A woman looking out her window 
This was all it took  
To become a suspect 
Before a barrage of bullets ensue 
By those paid 
To serve and protect  

Uncharged, acquitted, not guilty 
Verdicts from the courts  
Is it because black lives do not matter? 
Their blood senselessly splattered 
Is still red like rage, or a face being choked  

A black man walks into a bar 
And lived to tell about it 
This is not a joke      

Christ's Consecration

Simeon lived in Jerusalem He was righteous and devout   He was waiting for the consolation   Of Israel to come about     The Holy Spirit was...