Prophecy is Unfolding (Matthew 24)

Prophecy is unfolding

Before our very eyes 

A new world order is coming  

Ruled by deception and lies

Do not be alarmed  

When wars and rumors abound -  

Christ said these things must happen  

Plus, famine and quaking ground; 

These are the beginning of birth pains  

Before deliverance is near; 

Persecution and betrayal will come 

And many false prophets appear,  

Deceiving with signs and wonders  

Then evil will increase - 

Stand firm with your Saviour, 

Proclaiming God’s kingdom of peace  

In a world greatly distressed  

Like never seen before -  

Jesus warned His disciples of this  

In Matthew 24

The sun and the moon will be darkened 

Constellations will be given a jolt  

When the Son of Man returns  

In the sky like a lightning bolt; 

Everybody will mourn  

When they see His glory and power 

Angels will gather His chosen ones 

At this most rapturous hour; 

Only our Father knows  

When this time will be  

Keep watch, then, with readiness 

For He’ll come unexpectedly;  

It will be good for those  

Who, with wisdom, faithfully serve 

Lest they receive for their wickedness 

The sorrow that they deserve          

Psalm 97


The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice

Let the far-off shores make their gladness known 

Clouds and darkness surround the Lord 

Righteousness and justice are the base of His throne 


A consuming fire precedes Him; 

His enemies are no more 

His lightning lights up the world 

The earth sees and trembles to its core 


Before the Lord of all the earth, 

Mountains melt into the sea 

The heavens proclaim His righteousness 

And everyone sees His majesty  


Those who trust in idols will be put to shame- 

Worship the Lord over all 

Zion hears and rejoices  

Soon judgement from the Most High will fall 


Let those who love God, despise evil 

For He guards His faithful ones 

And delivers them from wickedness, 

Shining light upon them as the sun 


The upright in heart rejoice in the Lord 

And praise His holy name 

For He is exalted far above all gods 

Praise His glorious name                

Prophecy is Unfolding (Matthew 24)

Prophecy is unfolding Before our very eyes   A new world  order  is coming    Ruled by deception and lies Do not be alarmed    When wars and...