Spiritual Blessings in Christ

To God's holy people,  
Those faithful to the Lord Jesus: 
Grace and peace to you  
From God, our Father and Christ Jesus; 
Praise to Him who's blessed us 
Beyond our earthly sphere,  
Who chose us to be holy  
Before the world was here; 
He determined to adopt us 
In accordance with His will  
Through Christ, our Redeemer, 
Whose blood, for us, was spilled, 
To the praise of His glorious grace 
Which He has freely given, 
Through the One He loves;  
In Christ, our sins, forgiven  
By the riches of God's grace  
That He has lavished on us, 
With all wisdom and understanding, 
He revealed this mystery to us; 
Those who put their hope in Christ 
Through the message of salvation  
Are sealed with His Spirit 
Of wisdom and revelation  
As a deposit guaranteeing 
Our inheritance to come,  
For those who belong to God,  
And the power that raised His Son 
To be enthroned far above 
All rulers and dominion 
Not only in the present age 
But in the one to come 
Ephesians 1

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