Love the Lord Your God

Follow the laws of the Lord your God  
In the land you will possess 
So that your descendants fear the Lord 
And with abundant life, you're blessed 

Listen, and be careful to obey 
So it will go well with you, 
That you may prosper in the land  
That the Lord God promised you 

Love the Lord your God, alone 
With all of your heart, soul and strength 
Keep His commands upon your hearts 
Discuss them at great length 

When you are filled with good things 
And satisfied in the flourishing land, 
Do not forget the Lord, who delivered you 
And all that has come from His hand 

Serve the Lord with reverence  
For He is in your midst 
A jealous God who can destroy you; 
Do not put the Lord to the test 

Follow God's decrees  
And do what is good and right 
And you will dwell in peace  
Within our gracious Lord's sight      
Deuteronomy 6

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