Psalm 37

Do not let evildoers worry you 
Or envy those bent on crime 
For their fate's to be cut down; 
They will wither in due time  

Delight yourself and trust in God; 
Feed on His faithfulness 
And with the desires of your heart,  
You will find that you are blessed 

Commit your way to the Lord 
And He shall make it be, 
Bring forth your righteousness  
And justice for all to see 

Rest in God, with patience; 
Don't fret or be alarmed 
When the wicked seem to prosper - 
Rage and worry will only cause harm 

The ones who shall inherit all the earth 
Are those who meekly serve the Lord 
Evildoers will be cut off; 
The wicked shall be no more 

The righteous shall delight  
In an abundance of peace; 
The wicked plot against the just 
And gnashes at them with their teeth 

The Lord laughs at those who draw 
Their swords and bend their bows 
Towards the poor and the upright  
For God knows they'll be brought down low 

Their weapons and arms shall break 
They shall be pierced by their own sword 
But the righteous will be sustained  
By the everlasting Lord 

The righteous shall not hunger in famine  
Or in time of evil, be ashamed  
But the enemies of God shall perish; 
Into smoke they will vanish away 

The wicked takes and keeps 
But the merciful gives with joy 
Those blessed by God shall inherit the earth 
Those cursed, shall be destroyed 

The Lord takes delight 
To order the steps of good men 
Though they may stumble  
The Lord upholds with His hand  

Through all of my life, I've yet to see 
The righteous forsaken, distressed 
Or begging for bread, for God is merciful; 
Even their descendants are blessed 

Depart from evil and do good 
And dwell forevermore  
Together with His saints  
Who love justice, as does the Lord 

The righteous speak words of wisdom; 
The law of God, guides his way 
The Lord will not let the wicked succeed 
With their intentions to condemn and slay  

Trust in the Lord and keep His commands  
You will be honoured to possess the land 
Though the wicked flourish like a green tree, 
They will be destroyed, just you wait and see 

Note the blameless and upright man  
Their future is salvation and peace  
God is their strength and deliverer 
Because they trusted Him and believed  

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