I Thirst

Writhing on the cross,  
I am spit on and crushed  
I cry out in anguish   
Breathless, like dust  
My mouth is dried up and cracked;  
I am poured out and drained   
My life spilled on the ground,  
Blood-splattered and stained   
My lips always echoed   
God's truth and grace   
Now My heart has melted within Me;  
My joints are displaced  
Listen to my plea   
That I may flourish once more   
Now despised and rejected,   
Now suffering and scorned   
Satisfy my desperate desire;  
Give strength to my bones   
I've never known thirst like this;  
I feel forsaken, alone   
Languishing apart from the Fountain   
Where springs of life flow   
I long for Your righteousness   
To refresh, overflow   
Into this place of torment   
Where I have been hurled   
As I bear the whole sin   
Of this unholy world  
Christ drank the bitter gall  
Then declared, "It is finished"  
His dying words our victory   
Our salvation accomplished           
Based on Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53

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