The Way of Blessedness

Oh, God help me to know  
The riches of Your mercy - 
Though I am poor and naked, blind - 
In covering my shame; 
Help me to see the great cost   
When Christ gave His life for mine 

May I be discomforted 
With the depth of my sin  
So I will mourn and wince  
May I, in humility,  
Accept the gift 
Of Your inheritance  

Then fill me with a hunger  
And thirst for righteousness 
That only You can satisfy;  
So I show others mercy, 
Purify my heart,  
Chasten me to be refined  

Help me see You, Father 
And work for reconciliation  
With Your other children  
And when persecution comes 
Remind me of my reward - 
Joy and gladness in Your kingdom                                               
Inspired by: Matthew 5:3-12; Rev 3:17-19 

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