A Eulogy for Jesus

We are gathered to bring honour 
To our beloved, Christ Jesus 
We thought He was the One  
Who would save and redeem us 

He was such a powerful prophet 
Both in word and deed 
He caused the lame to walk 
The dead to rise and the blind to see 

He grew up in un-notable Nazareth 
With sawdust forever at His feet 
But He declared God's Word  
With great authority 

He was full of wisdom and was praised 
By everyone but those 
Pharisees who treated Him  
Like wolves wearing fancy robes 

He proclaimed good news -  
The forgiveness of sins  
And healed on the Sabbath  
To the Pharisees' chagrin  

He taught us how to pray  
To our Father above 
And He was filled with such 
Compassion and love 

He ate with tax collectors 
And others with bad names 
And then He was arrested,  
Rejected and betrayed 

He was mocked and beaten 
Put on trial and accused  
He defended not Himself  
Like a lamb on the altar, He refused  

He was not a criminal  
Yet the crowds roared, "Crucify!" 
It's been 3 days now  
Since our friend, Jesus, has died 

He was more than a good teacher 
He was the Son of God, our Lord 
Now what is that ruckus? 
Who's that pounding on the door?      

Inspired by the Book of Luke 

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