The Prodigal Son

The prodigal son severed ties, 
Wishing his father was dead; 
He wanted no part of him and his rules; 
Though his father adored him, he fled 

But not before requesting his share  
Of his presumed inheritance;  
A great chasm between father and child  
Became a worlds-apart distance  

The son lived recklessly extravagant 
Like there was no tomorrow; 
Not till his coffers and cupboards were bare, 
Did he taste bitter tears of sorrow  

When he remembered how well 
His father's servants were fed,     
He decided to return to ask 
If he could work off his enormous debt 

But while he was no more 
Than a speck upon the horizon,   
His father, who was always watching, 
Ran to him with compassion  

The son admitted his sin and his shame 
And with contrition, confessed 
Then the father gave him his own robe 
And with a signet ring, he was blessed 

The son was welcomed into the house 
With the seat of honour at the feast; 
He kicked up his heels for the good news 
With new sandals on his freshly-cleaned feet 

He was back in his father's fold, 
Finally, safe and sound 
No longer dead to him, but alive; 
No more lost, but mercifully found 

Oh, what great joy there is  
In the Father's blessed embrace 
Over repentant sinners 
Through God's redeeming grace                                                    
Inspired by Luke 15:11-32

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