The Bread of Life Hungered

While 40 days in the desert, 
In Christ's earthly tent, 
The Tempter came to test Him 
But Christ didn’t give assent  

Though the Bread of Life hungered 
And could make bread from stones, 
He feasted on God's every word 
For none are nourished by bread alone  

The devil wanted Christ to fall 
And test the Lord's favour, 
So he offered Jesus temporary 
Satisfaction and splendour  

Jesus knew that His Father,  
Our Father in heaven, 
Hears those who ask, seek and knock 
And gives good gifts to His children

Jesus rebuked Satan 
With the word of God: Worship and serve only  
The Lord, your God 

Jesus went forth from there  
Fulfilling prophecy 
So those living in darkness and death 
A great life-giving light would see 

Increasing their joy, 
Shattering oppressive burdens 
For this is why Jesus was born, 
Our Wonderful Counsellor given 

And Jesus will righteously reign 
For all eternity  
In His majestic kingdom,  
With justice and everlasting peace                                          
Inspired by Matthew 4; 7:7-11; Isaiah 9:1-7

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