Live to Serve in Jesus' Name

Consider the work of the Spirit  
That brings righteousness to us; 
He frees us to contemplate 
The surpassing glory of Jesus  

God's light shines in the darkness 
That veils our minds and hearts 
So that we can see and know  
The glory that Christ imparts 

Be encouraged; do not despair 
In your mortal 'jar of clay' 
For we're not crushed nor abandoned 
As we live to serve in Jesus' name  

Be thankful and don't lose heart 
Though our bodies waste away 
For our eternal spirits  
Are being renewed day by day  

Our trials and persecutions 
Are light and momentary  
So focus on our treasured hope 
For what is seen is temporary 

Live a life of faith  
That pleases our risen Lord 
For, from Him, we'll receive  
Our just and due reward
Inspired by 2 Corinthians 3:7-5:10 

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