Grace That I've Found

I was caught in my sin;  
Any shred of righteousness,  
Was ripped from me 
Like an adulteress  
Caught without any clothes

My accusers harangued me;  
Their words rang in my ears - 
Echoes of my own thoughts 
I've listened to for years

I've been here before  
Repenting in the dust, 
Mirroring their own  
Condemnation and disgust 

But this time it's different  
Jesus is here  

Through my tears I can see  
His outstretched hand  
As He writes a sentence 
Upon the shifting sand 

Which once were stones 
That have fallen apart -
Much like my life, 
A shambles 
And fragmented heart 

Though I am guilty, 
Christ doesn’t condemn me 
Oh, what light He exudes   
AHe stands to defend me 

My accusers are gone, 
Their stones left on the ground 
Like a memorial  
To the grace that I've found                                       
Inspired by John 8:1-12

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