The Kingdom of Righteousness and the Joy of the Redeemed

A King will reign in righteousness 
And justice will be the norm, 
Refreshing, like an oasis 
And a haven from raging storms 

Then darkened eyes will see 
And attentive ears will hear; 
The reckless heart shall understand, 
Faltering tongues made fluent and clear 

When God's Spirit descends on the desert 
And a field, like a forest, grows, 
Then from the Lord's righteousness, 
Peace and assurance will flow        
Isaiah 32:1-4;15-17 

The parched land will be glad  
The wilderness will bloom 
Like the crocus, they will greatly rejoice 
As they burst into blossom and bloom;  

Withering arid places  
Will know glory and splendor  
They will see the Lord's 
Own glory and splendor  

Strengthen the week and unsteady, 
Encourage those who fear  
For God will come to save you, 
Cause blind to see and deaf to hear 

The lame will leap and dance 
The mute will joyously shout 
Water will gush in the desert 
Vibrant greenery will be all about  

And a highway will be there: 
The Way of Holiness 
The unclean will not travel it  
Nor those bent on wickedness 

No danger will be found there 
All sorrow and sighing will flee  
There will be overwhelming joy 
For God's rescued and redeemed    
Isaiah 35

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