See the Glory of God

Our loving Lord and gracious God
Came down, within the cloud,
From heaven and proclaimed
His holy name aloud:

In My presence is where
You will find true rest
You cannot see My face and live
But you'll see My mercy and goodness

I will teach you My ways
And give you My laws
I will hear your prayers
I am the Lord, your God

Compassionate and slow to anger,
Abounding in love and faithfulness,
Maintaining love to thousands,
Forgiving sin and wickedness

Yet the guilty and their children
Will reap the punishment they sow
Moses worshipped the Lord
And humbly bowed down low

The Lord said, "I am making a covenant;
You will see wonders never done before
Awesome are the works
Of the jealous God, your Lord"
Inspired by Exodus 33:12-34:14

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