Return to God

"Remember the devotion of your past,
How you were attentive to Me
You followed Me through paths unknown
And with passion, pursued Me

What fault did you find in Me
That you, have strayed and slid
To follow worthless idols,
Forgetting all that I did

How I delivered you
And led you through the wild
Into a land of promise
As a father would his child

You have forsaken Me,
An everlasting spring
And dug yourself a broken pit
That won't hold anything

Your wickedness will punish you
And bitterness, you'll taste
For you have no awe of Me,"
The Lord Almighty states

"Long ago you broke My heart
When you broke your bonds and said:
I will not serve You -
And lied in corruption's bed

You try and cleanse yourself
But your stain of guilt, you can't erase,"
Declares the Sovereign Lord,
"You are defiled and disgraced

You have turned your back on Me
Until you need My help
Since your idols are mute monoliths
'Come and save us, God' you yelp

In vain, I have corrected you
But you didn't respond
You have forgotten Me
And say you've done no wrong

If you return to Me,"
Declares the faithful Lord,
"I will not frown on you 
In anger anymore

Just acknowledge to Me
Your rebellion and Your guilt,
That you have disobeyed 
My good and perfect will

Return to Me, My chosen ones
And I will shepherd you
Into truth and righteousness
For I long to so bless you"
Inspired by Jeremiah 2:2-4:2

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