Persevere in Faith (Hebrews 11:6-12:3)

There are superstars of the faith
Abraham, David, Paul 
And there are others 
Too many to name them all 
Though they faced imprisonment
Torture, jeers and chains,
They had confident assurance 
That a heavenly city awaits 
Some were stoned to death,
And some were sawed in two 
They were persecuted and mistreated,
Poor and destitute 
They were commended for their faith
As they earnestly served the Lord
Yet none, in this life, received,
God’s perfectly-planned reward
Let us, from sin and hindrances, be free
And run with perseverance in the race  
Fixing our eyes upon Christ Jesus,
Who endured the cross and its shame
Consider Him, who endured resistance
For the rejoicing yet to come,
Do not grow weary or lose heart
For Christ the Lord, our victory, has won  
June 10, 2017             

Zion's Future Glory

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