Have You Heard the Call?

Christ calls to the sinner 
Come, follow Me 
He calls to the stranger
Come, learn of Me

He calls us to believe 
In the power of His might
Calls us to do His will,
Shining forth His light

He calls us to testify 
How His mercy has blessed
He calls the impure spirits
To flee from the oppressed

He calls us to be well,
To suffer no more
He calls us to believe
And not fear anymore

He calls us, come away 
To a place of quiet calm
To learn from Him,
The Shepherd of the Psalm

He calls us to purity of heart,
To freely speak God’s goodness
To show compassion to the hungry
And for His gifts, gratitude express

He calls us to beware
Of our hearts becoming stone
He calls us to see Him
As the One upon God’s throne

He calls us to focus 
Upon the things of God,
To deny our selves
Lest our lives be for naught 

He calls us to pray
And to serve the Lord
For even small kinds acts
Will receive, from Him, rewards

He calls us to walk rightly 
And with others, live at peace
To have a child-like faith,
Leaving family, home, or fields

He calls us to believe, 
Not to doubt Jesus,
To forgive others' sins
For His Father forgave us 

He calls us to love God
And to give what He is due -
Love extended to Him
And those that live near you

He calls us not to seek
Honour for ourselves,
And to give sacrificially, 
Whether poor or having wealth

He calls us to pray 
That we may, sin, withstand 
And if we betray Him,
Seek forgiveness from His hand 

He calls us to remember Him,
In the breaking of the bread,
The One who died upon the cross
And rose up from the dead

He calls us, do not be deceived,
Nor fear trials and tests 
For His Spirit gives us words
That to His grace attests 

He calls us, be on guard 
And keep alert for Him
For we do not know just when
Our eyes will behold Him

When He calls the dead
To rise up and meet Him 
Where we'll forever hear 
The 'call to worship' begin 
June 14, 2017

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