Shining Light

Somewhere along the way, 
I met a man
Poor, naked and blind
I told him the only thing 
That I could give him
Was to open up his eyes
I stooped and spoke with him 
I gave him moments of my time
He fumbled with a mystery
That crumbled in his grasp
And then, at last
He understood
That he was loved
That he was good
That he was beautiful 
His eyes were opened,
Opened unto truth
And he saw our Father,
Good and beautiful,
Who loves the humble ones
In a special way
Ones like His Son, Jesus
And as
Illumination came to him
Both of us were changed 
April 23, 2016

Display the Work of God

Is the work of God Displayed in your life As you work for Him, Walking in the light? Do, those who are blind, See the light of Christ...