Exceedingly Kind

Goodness and mercy
Intently pursue you
For our gracious God
Is determined to woo you;
His lovingkindness
Will lead you to turn
To bow at His feet
So there you can learn
How extravagant and lavish
His love for you is,
How much He wants
For you to be His
So that He can give you
Exceedingly more
Than you can ever imagine
Or ask Him for;
Abundant life
That's everlasting
Is yours to receive;
All He is asking
Is for you to believe
In His Son, Jesus Christ
Who paid for your sins
With His blood, sacrifice
So that you could stand
In God's holy presence
As a child of the King,
No longer a peasant
In filthy rags, blind
For our good Father
Is exceedingly kind
April 19, 2016
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