Psalm 25

In You, Lord, God 
Do I put my trust, 
Do not let those  
Who are treacherous  
Triumph over me 
May their fate be shame 
Like those who do not hope 
Or trust in Your great Name 
Guide me in Your truth, God 
And show me Your ways 
Remember Your mercy and love 
But not the many times I have strayed 
The Lord instructs sinners 
In His ways which are good and right 
He guides and teaches the humble  
He is faithful to those by His side 
He will help those who fear Him 
In the ways that they should decide 
They and their offspring will prosper 
His promises, He will confide 
I look to the Lord to release me 
To turn to me and be gracious 
For I am alone and afflicted 
Troubled in heart with anguish 
Look upon my distress 
And take away all of my sins 
Fierce is my enemy's hatred 
In a battle I, alone, cannot win  
Guard my life and deliver 
For I take refuge in You 
May righteousness protect me 
Because, Lord, my hope is in You     

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