In the sky, a star was manifest
That caused the wise men 
To journey on a quest
Leaving their homeland
And travel far and wide
To seek the King
Whose birth was prophesied;
They came with gifts,
These learned and sage men
To lay before the Child
In the town of Bethlehem;
Here they would find
The promised Messiah
Who was spoke of 
By the prophet Micah;
God's ruler who will come;
The magi were overjoyed
When the star stopped overhead
The house with the virgin-born boy
Who would shepherd God's people;
In the city of David,
They bowed before Christ;
Their worship they gave Him
Along with earthly treasures
Of gold and myrrh and frankincense;
This was a moment 
Of momentous significance:
The Light shining in darkness
Matthew 2:1-11

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