The Saviour Proclaims God's Favour

After Jesus was tested 
For 40 days in the desert,
He taught in the synagogue 
By the power of the Spirit
Praise and news about Him spread
Throughout the countryside
One day in Nazareth, He stood to read
What Isaiah had prophesied
"The Spirit of the Lord
Is on Me to proclaim
Good news to the poor
And freedom for those in chains,
To free the oppressed 
And sight, to restore,
To proclaim the year
Of the favour of the Lord"
When Christ rolled up the scroll,
And sat down in His place,
Everyone was watching Him,
Amazed by how He spoke with grace
He said the scripture was fulfilled
In the people's hearing
And prophets get spurned in their hometowns
Then the locals started jeering 
Furious, they drove Him out of town
To the brow of a hill
But Jesus walked right through this crowd
That turned on Him 
And wanted to see Him killed
Luke 4

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