God worked for our benefit
Each day of His Creation
And when we fell, He worked
To bring us restoration

He offers hope and peace

To every tribe and nation
Through His Beloved Son
Who is God's incarnation 

The life of Jesus Christ

Was love in demonstration
His ultimate sacrifice,
Paid full for our salvation

We cannot work to earn

Forgiveness, justification
But simply receive God's gift
With grateful celebration

Then with all of God's people,

In benevolent cooperation,
We can work for the benefit 
Of both strangers and relations

And the peace of Christ,

Which passes estimation,
Will guard our hearts and minds
Against anxious situations

This is what shalom is

More than the absence of altercations
But a full and complete peace
Like a fragrant saturation

That flows and overflows

With goodwill inspiration
That we would be, in fact, intact -
May we live to seek its maturation

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