Questions of the Ages

Philosophers have often asked,
"Why are we here?"
The answers they fashion
Are not always clear

But God, in the garden,
Asked Adam and Eve,
"Where are you?"
When they hid in the leaves

God didn't ask, "What have you done?"
Or, "Why'd you disobey Me?"
But, "Where are you?"
Though He knew; He could see

He didn't want them to hide
But to come clean and confess
For He loved them so much
And God loves, to bless

For in His own image
They were created
And they talked with each other
In the world He created

He made them to rule over
The fish and the birds
And all of the animals
In packs and in herds

He wanted them united
And to never bear shame
But they believed a lie
When the slippery snake came

He put doubt in their minds,
Made them question God's heart
And when they rebelled, 
Fear entered their hearts

They blamed God and one another
And the slippery snake
Instead of admitting
The wrong choices they made

God cursed the snake
And the ground where it lives
And God told Adam and Eve
Pain and toil, He would give

God made garments of skin
To cover their shame
And He sent them away
To protect from more pain

God said that one day
A virgin would conceive
And God will crush the snake
And it will strike Christ's heel

Wise men will ask, "Where is this king
Born to us in Bethlehem 
Who will shepherd God's people?"
And rejoice when they find Him
Based on Genesis 3

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