The Book of Ecclesiastes

There is nothing new 
Under the sun
That from the east to the west,
Hurriedly runs

Like chasing after the wind,
That robs leaves from the trees,
So is the pursuit of knowledge
That leads to much sorrow and grief

The pursuit of pleasure 
And delighting in one's toil
Has its rewards
But both the foolish and wise
Will be buried beneath the soil

There is a season for everything
Within this time and space
A burden of good and evil
Lays upon the human race

God has made everything beautiful
In its time and within our hearts,
Eternity, He has set
There is nothing better than to be 
Happy and do good while you have breath

God will call the past to account
And He will judge every deed
When we, to the dust, return;
Better to be a poor and wise youth 
Than an old foolish king
Who, warning, he has not learned

Guard your mouth when you go towards God
Approach Him with a listening ear
Let your words be few 
For God in heaven, is to be reverently feared

Whoever loves wealth is never satisfied
But they cannot take it with them
It is wise to remember though
That everyone has sinned

Eat, drink and be glad
Enjoy the work God has given you
For time and chance happen to all
No one knows when their time is through 

Remember your Creator while you are young
Before mourners go into the streets
Fear God and keep His commands
For God will judge everyone's deeds

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