Psalm 57

In a crisis, David cried out
To the Most High God
For vindication;
He took refuge 
In the shadows, 
Of God's wing,
Pleading for mercy
Until God 
Sent down salvation;
In the midst 
Of ravenous beasts,
Men who lash out, 
Intent to wound
God rebukes those 
Who hotly pursue;
He sends forth His love
And His faithfulness;
Be exalted, O God,
Let the earth,
By Your glory, be blessed;
Enemies may set 
Distressing traps to fall in
But into the pit, 
Will be them, who fall in;
My heart is steadfast, O God,
I will make music and sing
Awake, my soul;
My fingers will 
Strum forth the morning;
I will praise You, Lord
Among the nations;
Of You, I will sing
For great is Your love
And Your faithfulness,
To the highest heights,
Ever reaching ;
Be exalted, O God,
Above the heavens and sky
Over all the earth,
May You be glorified

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