Choose Life

I declare to you this day
That the Lord has set before you
Life and blessings 
Or curses and death

Choose life that you may live, 
Loving God, 
Listening and clinging to Him
For He is your life and breath
Deuteronomy 30:19-20

Touch the Hem of God's Robe

I lift up my hands 
And wonder, "if only"
I could touch the hem 
Of God's robe
But He is holy, 
I am made of the dust,
Encrusted with sin;
If I could place a seal
Upon my biting tongue
For all of the words 
That have scorched 
People and stung,
In the depths of my heart,
Thoughts would slither still-
A wildness in me
That needs to be crushed,
Crucified, killed
Even Isaiah, 
The prophet, trembled
When God's glory
Filled up the temple
Oh, that I would understand 
And more abundantly grasp
Hone my ears, 
My eyes, unclasp
To see the virgin-born Jesus 
Now high and exalted 
Who, for my sins, atoned
And turn and find healing 
From the Lord Almighty
Who reigns from His
Resplendent throne
Referencing Isaiah 6:1-10

Follow Our Servant King

Let us renounce  
our titles and entitlement
to serve the One
who's titled Lord
and enter into other's stories,
following the example
Jesus has set forth;
the greatest among you
became the least
when the King bowed down
to wash sinners' feet;
bless-ed are those
who do the same sort of thing,
humbly serving our Master 
in every good thing
Based on John 13:1-17; Luke 22:24-27

When We Abide

When we abide in Christ,
The True Vine,
We make our Father's
Countenance shine;
With Jesus,
Lasting fruit, we will bear
And God will answer
Our submitted prayers;
If we keep God's commands,
And remain in His love,
Our joy will be complete
As we love as Jesus loved;
Christ laid down His life
And He calls us chosen friends;
He speaks through His Spirit,
The Advocate, He sends
So that we will testify of Christ
Though persecution comes,
Having peace amidst trouble
For our Saviour's overcome
The world and death and sin;
Oh, how we need, to abide in Him
Based on John 15 & 16

There is No God Like You

There is no God like You,
Who pardons sin and forgives transgressions;
You relent from anger,
Delighting to show mercy and compassion
You hurl all our sins in the depths of the sea
And tread underfoot, our iniquities;
You will be faithful to Israel
And love, to Abraham, show
As You vowed on oath
To our people long ago
Micah 7:18-20

A Song of Thanksgiving

Your love is everlasting; 
Your kindness does not fail
Your mercies are new every morning, 
Your promises prevail
You give rest to Your people; 
You rebuild and You restore
We make music and dance 
With joy before the Lord
We enjoy the fruit, 
Of our labour in the vineyard
We shout to the Lord 
And make our praises heard
Lord, save Your people, 
Gather Your lost sheep
Lead them beside still waters 
As they pray and weep
Watch over Your flock, 
Like a Father to a son
Deliver and redeem 
Your people from oppression 
Come and shout for joy, 
Rejoice in the bounty of the Lord
He makes His people flourish 
And sorrow no more
He gives comfort and joy; 
Young and old will dance and be glad
He satisfies with abundance, 
From the bounty of His hand
(Jeremiah 31:3-14)

Psalm 57

In a crisis, David cried out
To the Most High God
For vindication;
He took refuge 
In the shadows, 
Of God's wing,
Pleading for mercy
Until God 
Sent down salvation;
In the midst 
Of ravenous beasts,
Men who lash out, 
Intent to wound
God rebukes those 
Who hotly pursue;
He sends forth His love
And His faithfulness;
Be exalted, O God,
Let the earth,
By Your glory, be blessed;
Enemies may set 
Distressing traps to fall in
But into the pit, 
Will be them, who fall in;
My heart is steadfast, O God,
I will make music and sing
Awake, my soul;
My fingers will 
Strum forth the morning;
I will praise You, Lord
Among the nations;
Of You, I will sing
For great is Your love
And Your faithfulness,
To the highest heights,
Ever reaching ;
Be exalted, O God,
Above the heavens and sky
Over all the earth,
May You be glorified

Worthy is the Lamb

Those who hold to the Word of God
Will overcome our accusing enemy,
By the blood of the spotless Lamb 
And the word of their testimony

They will not shrink from death,
Exceedingly loving their lives
But they will obey God's commands
Who gives great joy to their lives

Soon comes our Almighty Saviour 
When the kingdom of God will reign 
The triumphant Lion of Judah, 
The risen Lamb that was slain

He is worthy of worship;
Upon God's throne, Jesus commands
Where He will rule all of the nations
No rebels, before Him, will stand 
(Revelation 12:10-17; 5:5-6)

Exciting Exhortations

Paul penned the Corinthian church,
"You are rich and reign in God's kingdom!
We are fools for Christ;
He's given you much wisdom!

But if you think you're standing firm,
Take heed lest you fall;
One part of the body shouldn't say,
'I don't need you at all!'

If, together, you prophesy 
And a seeker comes among you,
They will be convicted of their sin,
Exclaiming, 'God is really among you!'

The ministry of the Spirit 
That brings righteousness to us
Through the new covenant,
Is abundantly glorious!

If anyone is in Christ,
The old has gone, the new has come!
Thanks be to God for the
Indescribable gift of His Son!"
(1 Corinthians 4:8, 10, 10:12, 12:21, 14:22-25,
2 Corinthians 3:11, 5:17, 9:15)

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