Live Worthily with Unity and Maturity

Live worthily of the calling
You received from the Lord above
Be humble, gentle and patient,
Bearing with each other in love

Strive to stay united 
Through the Spirit's bond of peace,
Serving the body of Christ
Until mature faith we all reach

Speak the truth in love; put off
Your corrupted self; put off the old;
Put on righteousness and holiness;
Don't give Satan a foothold

In your anger, do not sin, 
Nor let it fester and brew
Do honest work so you can share
With those who've less than you

May others be built up 
By encouraging words you utter,
Not unwholesome talk
That belongs down in the gutter

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit;
Get rid of brawling and anger,
Along with every kind of malice,
Bitterness, rage and slander

Be kind and compassionate, 
Forgiving everyone,
Just as God forgave you
Through Jesus Christ, His Son
Ephesians 4

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