Zion's New Name (Isaiah 62)

Do not keep silent or quiet
Until vindication comes to Jerusalem 
And her salvation shines 
Out like the blazing dawn

All nations and kings 
Will see her glory,
Bestowed with a new name 
From the mouth of the Lord

In the hand of God 
Treasured, she will be 
Crowned with splendour 
And glorious majesty 

No longer will she be known
As desolate and deserted 
But she will be a delight 
And her land will flourish 

The Lord will build her up
And rejoice over her with song 
As a bridegroom to a bride
God has sworn this by His mighty arm

Persevere in prayer to God
For that established day
When Zion is the praise of the earth
And justice, within her, prevails

Then those who labour 
Will reap their own rewards,
Feasting in the courts 
Of the sanctuary of the LORD

Enter in! Enter in!
Prepare the way for people to return
Make a clear path, 
Remove the stumbling stones

Raise a banner for the nations 
For the LORD proclaims through all the earth:
See, your Saviour comes
To reward those who have served 

God’s Holy People, they will be called,
Those Redeemed of the LORD
And Zion will be Much Desired, 
No Longer Forsaken, Forlorn

August 27, 2017

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