Shout for Joy, You Pure in Heart

Oh, what joy for those whose sin is forgiven, 
Whose disobedience is put out of sight,
Whose record the LORD has cleared of guilt,
Whose lives are lived in God's light
When I adamantly hid my wrong
I groaned with guilt all day long
Day and night I felt Your hand 
Heavy upon me
My strength dried up 
Like pools in the summer heat
I finally admitted all my sins
And stopped trying to flee
You forgave my rebellion;
From my guilt I am free
Let all the godly turn to You,
Confess and repent
That they may not drown 
In Your judgement 
You hide me from trouble
And You protect me
You surround me with songs
Of triumph and victory
The LORD says, "I will show you
The best path for your life
I will advise and watch over you,
And keep you from strife"
That to the wicked abounds;
Those who trust in the LORD,
Know His unfailing love surrounds
They are not like senseless mules
That need to be kept under rein
Nor do they regret being led 
By the LORD who rules and reigns 
Rejoice in the LORD;
Be glad, you who obey
Shout for joy, you pure in heart
Shout, "Hallelujah, hooray"
Psalm 32

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