Do They Remember Christ?

The brothels close in Bolivia 
One Friday of the year
I wonder, do the prostitutes,
To Jesus Christ, draw near

Do they remember Christ
How He ate with their kind
Along with corrupt men
Who cheated people blind 

Do they remember Christ 
Who hurled no condemnation  
At the adulteress caught in the act 
But gave her hope for salvation 

Do they remember Christ 
Who fully knew the past 
Of the woman at the well,
Whose marriages didn't last 

He offered her the gift of faith,
To drink of Living Water 
To believe that she could be 
God's beloved daughter

Do they remember Christ 
Whose flesh was whipped and torn
Who was spit upon and mocked
Assailed with shame and scorn 

Do they remember Christ 
And the cross on which He died
Who promised paradise 
To the repentant by His side

Do they remember Christ 
Do they take the bread and wine
Do they taste of God's forgiveness 
Do they hear Him say, "Be Mine"

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