Broken Gifts

The truck’s tires did not break in time
A broken shell of a girl
Lied in the dust
It had not seemed that long ago
Her mother’s water had broken
And this precious one
Had broken through the womb
As a seed first is broken
Before it grows and blooms

A mother’s heart is broken
Along with darling dreams
Inside the psych ward, she screams
“Why, God? Why?”
Her marriage cannot stand the strain
It breaks
More shards of pain

Her other daughter
Picks them up
And breaks the flesh
Upon her fragile teenaged-wrist
She wished
She could make sense
Of all this brokenness
Of all these shards
This life so hard

Her broken heart,
She offers to the Lord
It’s all she can afford
He takes a hold of it
With care,
And slowly, He repairs
As she prays
The brilliant rays
Of His Light shines through
The broken parts

She dares to count the ways
That God has blessed her
Through her life
Of troubles, hardship, strife
She breaks bread with Christ
And shares communion -
His suffering and hers
Are fused into a union
She knows His power
Breaks the chains
Of sin and death
And He is close
To the broken-hearted
Who sigh and groan
With heavy breath

She takes the broken bread
And the cup that’s poured
Christ’s broken flesh
Makes her become
More fully whole,
More fully real,
More abundantly alive
Not without its
Brokenness and pain
But with Christ’s love and hope
And peace she can’t explain

She holds His nail-scarred hand
And breaks into a joyous laugh
“For the joy set before Christ,
He endured the cross
On our behalf”
She cannot make sense of His
Great love and humbleness
To suffer for us
But knowing this,
She is wholly blessed
January 13, 2017
Inspired by Ann Voskamp's books, One Thousand Gifts and The Broken Way

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