The Angels Rejoice

The stars sang, the angels rejoiced
When God voiced Light into being
And the universe was unfurled;
How much greater their praise
Must have been
When God's Son
Was born in this world;
The shepherds trembled in fear
When a host of angels appeared
Praising God in Heaven above,
Proclaiming peace to mankind,
Goodness to all God so loves,
Good news that the humble receive
Who know they have nothing
To offer but praise
For the gift of God;
There in the manger, He lays,
Jesus, our Saviour, Emmanuel,
God in the flesh,
Who came here to dwell
Not only upon the dark, dirty earth
But in our hearts as well;
When we receive Christ
And He enters in
All Heaven rejoices,
"Glory to God.
Glory," they sing
December 8, 2016
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