A Mosaic of Grace

Do not dread
the broken heart,
the broken dreams
for Christ is close 
to those 
with broken seams

Emmanuel mends us 
By His mercy, God weaves
our broken shells
and by His touch,
abundance swells  
like seeds, 
that once were scattered 
on the ground
God’s own blood poured down,
was splattered on the ground
to show how much we matter

He suffered for us
to restore us, renew us,
redeem us, transform us

Pour your tears 
in the palms 
of His nail-scarred hands
for Jesus, wept
He understands 

Share in His suffering 
and know
the power of His love 
and His life
that flows 
through our broken shards
God makes art
‘A Mosaic of Grace’
it is called
December 17, 2016

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