Day of Atonement (For Yom Kippur)

Our Great High Priest 
Left His glorious robe behind 
When God became flesh 
And dwelled with mankind 

Amid goats and calves, 
Christ entered the world, leaving heaven itself 
To take away sin and death 
By offering His own blood Himself

He bore our sin, 
And our judgement He faced
So we could be made holy 
By God's mercy and grace 

And thus enter in, 
To a new and living way 
Where God's laws, 
Are within our hearts placed 

Then we can draw near 
With sincerity of heart 
Because of the assurance 
That our faith imparts 

And hold unswervingly 
To the hope that we profess 
For God is faithful to 'make good'
On His promises 
October 10, 2016
Inspired from Hebrews 9:11-10:23 after reading this article:

Zion's Future Glory

Sing, barren woman;   Give birth to jubilation   For through your offspring's seed   Will come the longed-for consolation...