Let the Redeemed of the Lord Give Thanks

Let the redeemed of the Lord give thanks
For every good and perfect gift comes from His hands
Enter His gates with an offering of praise
Rejoice in Him and bless His name

For He has broken our chains and set us free
From sin and death; we share Christ’s victory
Come before Him with a jubilant, joyful song
Give thanks to God among the festive throng

Tell of His works and His wonders bestowed
Let praise to our gracious God overflow
For the thirsty soul He satisfies
Let us exalt Him and magnify

For He is a great God, the King of all Kings
Creator, Sustainer, all praise to Him bring
He is faithful to us and forever He’s true
With goodness and mercy He daily pursues

Serve Him with gladness, shout to Him with psalms
Remember how He, the raging storm has calmed
Boast in the Lord, who delivers and provides
Give thanks to the Lord, lift His name upon high
October 4, 2014 
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