What is the World Coming To?

What is the world coming to?
The soon return of Jesus Christ 
Take to heart what you hear
For the time is surely near

Behold, He is coming with the clouds
Each and every eye will see 
Even those who saw His flesh torn
All peoples on earth will mourn

Christ is the First and Last
The Living One, Almighty Lord
Who died, but conquered death
He holds the keys to hell and death

Consider how far you have fallen
Repent and live a life of love
The one who is victorious 
Will taste life eternal, glorious 

Though you are afflicted and poor,
God says that you are rich
So fear not persecution and strife
Your faithfulness will bring you life

God knows the evil where you dwell
Yet you do not renounce your faith 
Keep pure and seek the reward 
Bestowed on new creations in the Lord

God knows your deeds of faith
How you serve with love and persevere 
He who searches hearts and minds, sees
And will repay according to your deeds

Be watchful; your deeds are not complete
Remember what you've received and heard
Live unstained, worthy to wear white 
As one whose name's in the Book of Life

Keep God's Word, don't deny His name
Patiently endure and God will hold you 
Through the time of test and tribulation 
That will come upon every nation 

The One who is Faithful and True
Disciplines those that He loves
For those wretched, poor, naked and blind
He covers shame, makes gold refined 

Behold, Christ is patiently waiting
For you to invite Him in
For fellowship, communion divine 
And to reign at the King of King's side 

Whoever has ears, let them hear
What the Spirit says to His Bride 
For the Holy One walks among us 
Incline your heart unto Jesus 
Based on Revelation 1, 2 & 3

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