Endless Praise Belongs to You

You are the Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the End
You are Creator, Deliverer
Emmanuel and Friend

You are a good and gracious God
Our Heavenly Father; Hallelujah!
You are I AM, Jesus, King of Kings
Living Water and the Messiah

Your Name is above all names
Only Begotten Son, Prince of Peace
You are Redeemer, our Refuge and Rock
You are Saviour and Shepherd of Your sheep

You are the Truth, the Unchangeable One
The Vine, the Word of God, the Way
You are Wonderful Counsellor
And worthy of all of our praise

Abba Father, Ancient of Days, 
Bread of Heaven, Breath of Life
Christ, Desire of Nations,
Everlasting Father, Faithful and True...

You are the LORD God Almighty
Endless praise belongs to You
June 29, 2016

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