Psalm 23 v. 2016

The Lord is my Shepherd
I have all that I need
He causes me to rest
And delighted be
The tumult of my heart
He quiets, as He leads me
He disciples me in trusted paths
For He is Faithful and True
Though the vale be dark
With Him, I walk through
Your perfect love casts fear aside
I will trust completely in You
You rescued me when I wandered off
You carried me back to Your fold
To Your mighty outstretched hand
I will lean on and take hold
You invite me to dine
Great honour You bestow
You heal my wounds
My heart overflows
With praise for Your goodness,
Mercy and pursuing love
I will ever sing Your praises
In Your dwelling above
May 10, 2016

Zion's Future Glory

Sing, barren woman;   Give birth to jubilation   For through your offspring's seed   Will come the longed-for consolation...