Adam and Eve were naked 
and unashamed;
they felt no fear of evil 
or exploitation
then they fell 
into a trap 
of lies, doubt, 
when they 
against their God rebelled, 
and His law rejected
their eyes were opened
and then cast down in shame
Disheartened and dejected,
their souls exposed
then they cowered
and covered themselves
with makeshift clothes 
they secretly built

Fear, hiding and blame
came between them and God;
they didn't confess their guilt
Made in God's image,
they now believed
they were flawed
but God drew them out,
wanted them to give 
account for their actions,
wanted them to confess
so He could forgive
the ones who betrayed

Fearfully and wonderfully made,
we all fall short of God's plan
Shame shapes us
but Christ Jesus
who died for our sins
is not ashamed 
to call us His kin
We can be clothed
in His righteousness
if we confess
He is Lord
He will cleanse us, 
defend us 
when we surrender, 
remember that He
is both faithful and just
and we can trust 
in His goodness and mercy
for He has reversed 
the curse of the fall

Call on His name,
come out of the 
shadows and shame
let your heart be revealed
in light of His grace
so you can be healed,
be made right
and be free
to stand tall,
so you can 
our loving Father embrace
March 25, 2016
Inspired by Christine Caine's book Unashamed 

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