And The Windows of Your Soul Will Shine

Christ opened the door
And entered humanity
Stooped down to become
A part of our history

Through a virgin’s womb
He entered the world
Of a young, poor and humble
Carpenter and girl

He entered the commonplace
A stable, a manger
To befriend the common man
To save us from danger

Christ is the Door
The gateway to freedom
That we must go through
To enter God’s kingdom

Christ’s hands were hammered
To the wood of the cross
His blood shed for our sins
Bridging the gap we couldn’t cross

Christ knocks on the door
Of our dark hearts
When you hear and receive Him
His light floods your heart

And the windows of your soul will shine
July 3, 2015

Zion's Future Glory

Sing, barren woman;   Give birth to jubilation   For through your offspring's seed   Will come the longed-for consolation...