Beloved, Be Loved

Be loved
By the lover of your soul
By the one
Who gave up control
Of His life,
Laid it down
Traded His crown
For thorns,
Adoration for scorn
For your sake
He did take up His cross
To die,
To be crucified
A cruel death
With His final breath
He declared
It is finished
Has won
God’s only Son
Victorious, He
Rose from the grave
To save
And bring healing to all
Hear His call
Hear His glorious voice
One and all
Beloved, be loved
Beloved, be loved
Beloved, be loved
By God
And rejoice
November 9, 2014

Zion's Future Glory

Sing, barren woman;   Give birth to jubilation   For through your offspring's seed   Will come the longed-for consolation...