The Prodigal Son--Luke 15:11-32

The father waited, watching
Longing for his child's return
When sorrow one day
To gladness would turn

For many long years his son squandered
The gifts that his father had shared
Until he came to the end of himself
In the depths of shame and despair

Humbled, he came,
Broken, repentant
To offer his life
To be used as a servant

From a far off his father saw him approaching
At once he rushed to his side
Embracing, rejoicing
For the one that he thought had died

Then the father prepared
A feast for a king
And lavished his son
With royal robes and a ring

Oh, what a love
Our Father possesses
Instead of curses deserved
He graciously blesses

He forgives us our past
However far that we've roamed
One step toward Him
And He welcomes us home
October 8, 2003

Zion's Future Glory

Sing, barren woman;   Give birth to jubilation   For through your offspring's seed   Will come the longed-for consolation...