Mary Magdalene

Misjudged by many
Truly demonized
She was

Spiritual oppression
Hovered over her
Taking her places
She would never devise

Until the day
Christ set her free--
Her praise was absolute

She followed Christ, devoted
Until her tears
Flowed at His feet
As He hung upon
The lonely cross

She carried myrrh
To the entrance of His tomb
But found Him not

Racing to Peter and John
She relayed her distress
Then she returned
And slowly peered
Into the shadows

Two angels robed in white
Inquired of her tears
Then as she spoke
She turned
And saw a man
Who she knew not
He called her name

Jesus urged her
To tell the others
That He had risen
Just as He said

Abandoning her grief
She quickly flew
"I've seen the Lord,
I've seen the Lord!"

The words of Mary Magdalene
Echo on my lips
May 23, 2008

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