God's Love Letter

Throughout the ages
This best-selling book has no rival
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Are found within the Bible

No characters there are fairy-tale sweet
Sex and murder and lies are replete
Page upon page in chapter and verse
Show the wages of sin and its curse

Yet prophecy spoke of the future to come
That a virgin would one day conceive
Giving birth to a Saviour
For all who would believe

His miraculous deeds have been told and retold
His death on a cross you have heard
But have you taken the time
To read these life-changing words

Food, for the hungering soul
Light, for those lost in the dark
Wisdom for those that seek
Words that will leave their mark

So dust off the cover and take a fresh look
And see what it says in this most holy book
You'll find more than where angels have trod
If you open your heart, you'll see God
July 23, 2001

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