Love Is--1 Corinthians 13

If I speak with tongues
That bear a heavenly sound
But have not love
My words fall to the ground

If I can prophesy
And all mysteries discern
If I give all I possess away
And allow my body to be burned

If I have a faith that can
Make a mountain move
But have not love
What does that prove?

Love is patient, love is kind
Love keeps the other first in mind
Love does not envy, does not boast
Thinking the other deserves the most

Love is not proud, and rude it is not
Nor is it selfish, or with a temper too hot
Love always forgives, and then forgets, too
Only rejoicing in what is the truth

Love always protects, always trusts
Hope and perseverance are also a must
Love never fails, not ever
Love is...forever

Prophecies, they will cease
And tongues, they will be stilled
Knowledge will pass away
When perfection is instilled

When I was a child
I spoke and thought in kind
When I became a man
I left childish ways behind

Now we see in mirrored glass
But a poor reflection
Then we shall see face to face
When eyes will see perfection

Now I know in part
Then I shall fully know
Even as
I am fully known

Now these three abide:
Faith, hope and love
But the greatest of these
Is love

Zion's Future Glory

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