The Future

It’s up in the air
Within God’s hands
Trust Him to guide
As He unfolds His plan

His word is a lamp
That lights the way
His presence brings peace
Through His merciful ways

Where valleys of doubt
And stormy seas arise
He watches over us
With love in His eyes

Though trials come,
Our faith to test
He works all things
For His children’s best     
May 29, 2011

A Corrupt and Perverse Generation

As you pour corruption 
Into the temple for God's spirit, 
Perverting the truth 
And do not reverently fear Him,
His cup of wrath is being filled 
To be outpoured, to be spilled 
In coming days of tribulation 
Be not deceived, lose your salvation 
For our God's a holy Judge
Looking for His Church, unsmudged 
Without spot, or curs-ed stain 
Repent therefore; in Christ remain 
So, when He, in glory, returns 
Your life's work is not, to ashes, burned 
Consumed, like stubble, wood and hay
But shines like jewels on display 
In Christ's crown, who reigns above 
In righteousness and truth and love 
February 20, 2017

Upon God's Promises, I Will Meditate

Upon God's promises, I will meditate
For His mercies are new,
His faithfulness is great
I will sing and make music
In my heart to the Lord
For His goodness and mercy
To me has outpoured
I will not weary 
As I run the race
For He lifts me up 
With wings like eagles
By His strength and grace
January 31, 2017

Be Imitators of Christ

Christ came to serve    In humble human skin   He died for us   A nd co nquered  death and sin   And now,    In majes...