Prayer and Petition

God, I confess, 
I'm a mess
I fail and I fall,
Hardly follow You at all
I stumble and grumble,
Forgetting the humble
Path that You trod
I plod
And for Your mercy, plead
Help me to see
A glimpse of Your glory,
Where I fit in Your story
Where You want me 
To go, who to be
Help me to hear
Your voice so clear
Help me to feel
You are real,
Your goodness taste
So that I won't waste 
One more second
Call to me, beckon
So I can touch
The edges of Heaven 
November 16, 2016

Learn from the Lord

The one who betrayed Christ
Called Him teacher, not Lord
Great regret was his due
We cannot afford
To see Christ only as wise
And betray His glory and worth
For He is the holy Son of God
The Saviour of the whole earth
Though it is good to learn from Him
For He sinlessly walked among us
Humbly take up His gentle yoke
And find the peace of Jesus
And with a childlike faith, you will see
More than the wise and scholarly 
November 15, 2016

Be Transfigured

"Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living God,"
Spoke Peter, by our Heavenly Father's revelation
Later he saw Christ's face shine like the sun
And robed in radiant light
On the sacred mountain of transfiguration 

Moses and Elijah appeared among them 
Then from a bright cloud, they heard this sound:
"This is My Son whom I love. Listen to Him."
Overcome by the majestic glory of God,
Peter, James and John fell prostrate on the ground

That which the disciples beheld and heard,
They freely proclaimed "God is light"
Through Him they saw mercy and truth,
And God's presence, as their confessed sins
Were cleansed by the atonement of Christ 
November 9, 2016

Delight Yourself In the One Who Delights In Us

Delight yourself in
The good God has done
He rescued us from bondage
Through Jesus Christ, His Son

Rejoice and boast in the Lord
For He has delivered us
So we can enter His kingdom
Because He's accepted us

Find joy in the Almighty
Call upon God at all times
Delight in the law of the Lord
Meditate on it day and night

What an inheritance we have!
Glory in God and His salvation
Shout for joy and be glad
For His servants will see vindication

Feast upon the Lord's abundance
Drink deeply from the river that flows
He will grant you the desire of your heart
And faithfully show where to go

Great are the works of the Lord
Ponder His laws, don't depart
Nor neglect His decrees, for He 
Counsels those with tender hearts

The Lord is compassionate
He saves us in our affliction
When trouble and distress come
Delight in God's vows, with conviction

Fear the Lord, and put your hope 
In His love that ever prevails
He rewards the humble with vict'ry 
Our Father corrects when we fail

Delight in wisdom
And be without blame,
Be worthy of trust
Lest you bring to God shame

For His love is 
Sweeter than wine
Rejoice and praise Him
Taste His goodness sublime

We are the ones in whom He takes pleasure 
To show mercy to, though He is just 
Bring reverence and honour to God 
Who sings songs of joy over us
November 7, 2016

Be Imitators of Christ

Christ came to serve    In humble human skin   He died for us   A nd co nquered  death and sin   And now,    In majes...