Confident In Christ--Philippians 3:1-14

Rejoice in the Lord,
Delight in Him
Serve God by His Spirit
Put no trust in the flesh

Consider all things loss
For the sake of Christ
For the surpassing worth
Of knowing Him, do strive

To know His resurrection power
And to suffer with Him
Becoming like Him in His death,
Humbly sacrificial

Press on to take hold
Strain to win the prize
Forgetting what is past
And reach heavenward for Christ
February 24, 2015

Christ's New Creations--Romans 7:24-8:39

I ask, who will save me
From this mortal coil
This body of death, flesh
Warring, sin and turmoil

I thank God the Father
There is no condemnation
To those who, in Christ,
Have been made new creations

Who no longer walk 
According to the flesh
But by God’s Spirit -
Alive and fresh

He has set us free
From sin and death
Revived us with
Resurrection breath

I was once crippled and weak
And stumbled and fell
He breathed life and peace
Now within me He dwells

Lead me, Spirit,
To the Father
Who has adopted me
My Abba Father

Conform me to 
The likeness of 
Jesus Christ
Full of truth and love

Love so great that it reaches
Beyond trials and distress,
Persecution, famine,
Peril, sword and nakedness

Neither death nor life,
The future or the past
Nothing in creation 
No power will surpass

Because of His love
We are more than victorious
Because His love is
Eternally glorious 
February 23, 2015

Cleanse Our Lips

God spoke all things into being at Creation
And we open our mouths with defamation
With barbs that pierce the psyche 
We are nothing like Thee 
We slur, we curse, 
We do the reverse
Our tongues enflamed by the fires of hell
We would be wise to listen well
And choose our words like golden fruit
Not ones that poison and pollute
Nor tear down, demoralize
But build up and vitalize
Ones like Eden’s that edify 
Words that bless  and sanctify
Remembering The Word
Dwells in our midst
As we dwell on Him
May He cleanse our lips
February 18, 2015

Be Imitators of Christ

Christ came to serve    In humble human skin   He died for us   A nd co nquered  death and sin   And now,    In majes...